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Delin Colón, Author of Rasputin and The Jews: A Reversal of History

Pat Bertram Introduces . . .

Rasputin: The Memoirs of His Secretary You wrote Rasputin and The Jews: A Reversal of History and you also translated your great-great uncle’s memoirs.What are the memoirs about?

Rasputin: The Memoirs of His Secretary is my English translation (with annotations) of the French memoirs of my great-great uncle, Aron Simanovitch, who was secretary and friend to Rasputin for a decade. His perspective is also unique because he was one of a small percentage of Jews permitted to live outside the Pale of Settlement that most Jews were confined to. He lends an up-close, affectionate and intimate view of Rasputin whom he depicts as a threat to the nobility due to Rasputin’s progressive and egalitarian opinions on social and economic reform, which rendered him a convenient scapegoat for all of Russia’s ills. Simanovitch’s discourse is interspersed with much of the gossip, plots and intrigues of Petersburg society at the start of the twentieth century.

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“Rasputin: The Memoirs of his Secretary” by Aron Simanovitch is now available on Kindle and is annotated and in English for the first time.
The paperback edition will be available in about a week on Amazon.

Here is the Kindle link:

Alea Balzer Interviews Delin Colón about Rasputin and The Jews

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A UK Reader Reviews “Rasputin and The Jews”

5.0 out of 5 stars Eye-Opening and Valuable Counter-Portrait of Rasputin 4 Sep 2012

Format:Kindle Edition
This is an excellent and fascinating, page-turning book. It passionately communicates the generous, kindly, genuinely religious, philanthropic and unmaterialistic side of Rasputin – a side which has traditionally been underplayed or shamelessly hidden by exaggerated propaganda against this strange and gifted man. The book also graphically portrays the sufferings of the downtrodden Jewish people in Russia at the time of Rasputin and shows how he repeatedly tried to intercede on their behalf with the Tsar, as well as on behalf of all oppressed minorities. I think that if one reads this book together with ‘Rasputin: The Last Word’ or ‘The Rasputin File’, one will have a rounded, balanced picture of this remarkable mystic and healer. It is true that in the last three years of his life, he seems to have lost much of his moral/ spiritual compass (under the pressure of world war, assassination attempts and constant propaganda against him); before that, however, he appears overwhelmingly to have been a truly good human being (albeit with flaws – and who of us does not possess those?). I recommend this book warmly and thank the author for writing it.

5 Star Review of Rasputin and The Jews

5.0 out of 5 stars A Different View on Rasputin, February 18, 2013

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I am a lover of historical books and readings, and particularly enjoy eastern European history. My earlier readings that touched on Rasputin painted quite a different picture of him. This book made him a believable person with some enduring human qualities, not the madman of prior history books and historical fiction. If we are to believe these writings, we see a kind, humane Rasputin who disliked intently the persecution of the Jews in Russia and who had strong religious beliefs. The author offers enough sources to read further if one wants to check the veracity of his own writings. I am eager to research more, but I, like so many others, find myself reading more of the books on my “bucket list of books.” Hopefully, some day I can do this. Rasputin was a character not easy to forget and so enjoyable about which to read.

Rasputin and The Jews – Sharp Writ Awards Finalist

Rasputin and The Jews was just named a Sharp Writ Awards Finalist

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